2020-12-22 2:46

80 Northern Ave. Parking Lot

80 Northern Avenue, South Boston
The 80 Northern Ave. Parking Lot is located at the center of the hottest and fastest growing neighborhood in Boston: Seaport. The lot serves One Seaport, Moakley Federal Courthouse, Strega, numerous museums, pubs, and other restaurants, the World Trade Center, and the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.

New days start at 5am for pricing.

Points of Interest

Fan Pier

Strega Restaurant

Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge

Gather Food & Drink

Brew Café

District Hall

Moakley Federal Courthouse

Institute of Contemporary Art

Ocean Prime

Barking Crab Restaurant

Committee Restaurant

World Trade Center

Boston Children's Museum

Boston Fire Museum

Hours, rates, map, and directions

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(M-F, 7am - 5pm)
$33 flat rate
Early Bird Special $25 Mon-Fri, enter before 7am
(M-F, 5pm - 5am)
$19 flat rate
Weekends $19 each 10 hours

Rates are subject to change


Contact Information

To get more information about this lot, please call our main office at the following phone number during regular business hours on weekdays:

(617) 723-1488